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GAIIA - a new fresh Canadian/French duo combining electronic beats with eclectic sounds from diverse cultural influences. Giselle's background in vocal performance has led to a unique dynamic
in fusing soulful and jazzy singer-songwriter aspects with
deep-house tunes. As a DJ and producer, Aimée has been inspired
by authentic techno/house artists and aims to create her own voice in the electronic music scene. 








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All we know about this Canadian/French duo is that they released a pair of stellar singles in the past week. But we don’t need to know any more: we’re already obsessed. “Suenara” swells and shrinks around a steady 4/4 pulse, with alto vocals and a hazy, suave quality in the production. It switches between sections perfect for disjointed dancing or haunted wandering, managing to be both catchy and darkly mysterious.

-Silent Shout


El sello Loudeast Records tiene nuevo fichaje que presentarnos. Se trata de la pareja de féminas franco-canadiense conocida como Gaiia que cuenta con los vocales de Giselle para infundir un tono jazz y soul a su debut en el sello levantino que llevará por título Suenara. La publicación llega con dos remixes del responsable último de sello Nacho Marco que ha combinado los sonidos de un arsenal compuesto por las míticas cajas de ritmos, 808, 707 y 303. Sale la venta el próximo mes de febrero en fecha por confirmar. 

-Clubbing Spain


Squelching and rhythmic, “Suenara” builds intrigue out of mystery. It’s wide swinging doors open, beckoning you deeper and deeper into the dark. Calling to mind the sounds of Nicolas Jaar, GAIIA is name you will want to keep tabs on.

-Milk Crater 





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